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ProjTitle.icon 10 Methods of analysis and sampling:

1​0.1 Determination of Total Nitrogen

 According to AOAC 984.13.​

10.2 Determination of Amino Nitrogen

According to AOAC 920.154 B (Sorensen Method) on the following conditions:

  • ​- Preparation of test samples

    Weigh 2 g of sample into a 250 ml beaker and mix the sample with 100 ml of cold (15°C) NH3-free H2O and then stir the mixture for 60 min. Next, decant the mixture through a quantitative filter and collect the filtrate in a 100 ml volumetric flask.

  • ​- Endpoint

    A pH meter shall be used to determine the endpoint instead of optical verification of colors. 

    10.3 Determination of Moisture
    According to AOAC 934.01 at a drying temperature of 70ºC or lower.

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