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8 Weights and Measures:

8.1              Minimum Fill

                   The container should be well filled with the product which should occupy not less than 90% (minus any necessary head space according to good manufacturing practices) of the water capacity of the container. The water capacity of the container is the value of distilled water at 20ºC which the sealed container will hold when completely filled. Taking into account various characteristics of the products, minimum fill may not be applied to some types of products.

8.2              Classification of Defectives

                   A container that fails to meet the requirement for minimum fill of Clause 8/1 should be considered as a “defective".

8.3              Lot Acceptance

                   A lot should be considered as meeting the requirements of Clause 8/1 when the number of “defectives", as defined in Clause 8/2 does not exceed the number (c) of the appropriate sampling plan.​

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