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ProjTitle.icon 4 Essential composition and quality factors:

4.1              Composition:

4.1.1           Basic Ingredients:

a- Soybeans

b- Salt

c- Potable water

d- Naturally occurring or cultivated microorganisms (Bacillus spp. and/or Aspergillus spp., which are not pathogenic and do not produce toxins)

4. 1.2          Optional Ingredients:

a- Grains and/or flour (wheat, rice, barley, etc.)

b- Yeast and/or yeast extracts

c- Lactobacillus and/or Lactococcus

d- Distilled ethyl alcohol derived from agricultural products (tapioca, sugar cane, sweet potato, etc.)

e- Sugars

f- Starch syrup

g- Natural flavouring raw materials (powder or extract from dried fish or seaweed, spices and herbs, etc.)

4.2              Quality Factors:​
Table 1: Quality Factors


Fermented soybean paste manufactured with soybean only

Fermented soybean paste manufactured with soybean and cereal grains​

Total nitrogen (w/w)[1]

No less than 1.6 %

No less than 0.6 %

Amino nitrogen (w/w)

No less than 0.3 %

No less than 0.12 %

Moisture (w/w)

​Not more than 60 %​


The product shall have the flavour, odour, colour and texture characteristic of the product.

4.3              Classification of “Defectives":

                   Any container that fails to meet the applicable quality requirements, as set out in Clause 4/2, should be considered as "defective".

4.4              Lot Acceptance:​

                   A lot should be considered as meeting the applicable quality requirements referred to in Clause 4/2, when the number of "defectives", as defined in Clause 4/3, does not exceed the acceptance number (c) of the appropriate sampling plans.

[1] The nitrogen conversion factor of 5.71 should be used.​

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