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ProjTitle.icon 3 Definitions:

Fermented Soybean Paste is a fermented food whose essential ingredient is soybean. The product is a paste type which has various physical properties such as semi-solid and partly retained shape of soybean and which is manufactured from the ingredients stipulated in Sub-Clauses 4/1/1 and 4/1/2 through the following processes:

a- Boiled or steamed soybeans, or the mixture of boiled or steamed soybeans and grains, are fermented with naturally occurring or cultivated microorganisms;

b- Mixed with salt or brine and others;

c - The mixture or solid part of the mixture shall be aged for a certain period of time until the quality of the product meets the requirements stipulated in Section 4.2 Quality Factors; and

d- Processed by heat or other appropriate means, before or after being hermetically sealed in a container, so as to prevent spoilage.​​

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