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Section 80

169. Each design of Type B(M) package shall require multilateral approval.

170. An application for the approval of a Type B(M) package design shall include:

(a) all the information required in Article 166 for Type B (U) packages;
(b) a list of the requirements specified in Part II of the Third Schedule which the proposed design does not conform to;
(c) any proposal for supplementary operational controls to be applied during transport which is not specified in this Specific Regulation but are necessary to ensure the safety of the package or to compensate for the deficiencies listed in paragraph (b);
(d) a statement relating to any restrictions on the mode of transport and to any special loading, carriage, unloading or handling procedures; and
(e) the range of ambient conditions (temperature, solar radiation) which are expected to be encountered during transport and which have been taken into account in the design.

171. The NRRC shall establish an approval certificate stating that the approved design meets the applicable requirements for Type B(M) packages and shall attribute to that design an identification mark. 

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