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Section 77

158. A consignee shall, as soon as practicable on receipt of a consignment and before opening it, examine the package for any defects to the package or leakage of its radioactive content.

159. If the package has or appeared to have defects or its radioactive content is found or appears to be leaking, the consignee shall:
(a) measure the dose rates on and at 1 m from the external surface of the package; and
(b) measure the activity of the non-fixed contamination on the external surface of the package.

160. The consignee shall report the result of the measurement carried out pursuant to Article 159 to the NRRC and the consignor:
(a) within 5 working days, if the dose rate exceeds the limits prescribed by this Specific Regulation; and
(b) forthwith, notwithstanding Article 160 (a), if the dose rate exceeds 10 mSv/h and 200 µSv/h respectively on and at 1 m from the external surface of the package.

161. The consignee shall retain records of all observations made pursuant to Article 159 and 160 in a form suitable for inspection for a period of at least seven years and if requested to do so, provide the NRRC with full access to such records.

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