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Section 58

113. The consignor shall provide in the transport documents a statement regarding actions, if any, that are required to be taken by the carrier.

114. The statement shall be in the languages deemed necessary by the carrier or the authorities concerned, and shall include at least the following information:
(a) the supplementary operational instructions for loading, stowage, carriage, handling and unloading of the package, overpack or freight container including any special stowage provisions for the safe dissipation of heat in compliance with Article 142 (a) or a statement that no such instructions are necessary;
(b) any restriction on the mode of transport or conveyance and any necessary routing instructions; and
(c) an appropriate emergency response plan to the consignment.

115. The applicable competent authority certificates need not necessarily accompany the consignment, but the consignor shall make them available to the carrier before loading and unloading.

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