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Section 55

107. The consignor shall ensure that a transport document is prepared for each consignment.

108. The transport document shall contain the following information, as applicable, in the order given below:
(a) the consignor and consignee identification including their names and addresses;
(b) the proper shipping name, as specified in Article 46 and Article 47;
(c) the United Nations Class Number "7";
(d) the United Nations Number assigned to the material as specified in Article 46 and Article 47, preceded by the letters "UN";
(e) the name or symbol of each radionuclide or for mixtures of radionuclides, an appropriate general description or a list of the most restrictive nuclides as specified in column (A) of Table I of the Thirteenth Schedule;
(f) a description of the physical form of the material, chemical form of the material which can include a generic chemical description, or a notation that the material is a special form radioactive material or low dispersible radioactive material;
(g) the maximum activity of the radioactive contents during transport expressed in units of becquerels (Bq) with the appropriate SI prefix as specified in the Fourteenth Schedule, but for fissile material, the total mass of the fissile material in units of grams (g), or appropriate multiples thereof, may be used in place of the activity;
(h) the category of the package, that is, I-WHITE, II-YELLOW or III-YELLOW;
(i) the transport index for categories II-YELLOW and III-YELLOW;
(j) the criticality safety index for consignments including fissile material other than consignments excepted as specified in the Twentieth Schedule; 
(k) the identification mark of the NRRC or each competent authority approval certificate for special form radioactive material, low dispersible radioactive material, special arrangement, or package design or shipment,  applicable to the consignment;
(l) for consignments of more than one package, the information specified in Article 108 (a) to (k) shall be given for each package;
(m) for packages in an overpack, freight container or conveyance, a detailed statement of the contents of each package within the overpack, freight container or conveyance and, where appropriate, of each overpack, freight container or conveyance shall be included and if packages are to be removed from the overpack, freight container or conveyance at a point of intermediate unloading, appropriate transport documents shall be made available; 
(a) where a consignment to be shipped under exclusive use, the statement "EXCLUSIVE USE SHIPMENT"; and
(b) the total activity of the consignment as a multiple of A2 for LSA-II, LSA-III, SCO-I and SCO-II.

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