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Section 35

63. Each label shall contain information on the radioactive content, activity and transport index of the labelled package.

64. The respective symbols of radionuclides as specified in column (A) of Table I of the Tenth Schedule shall be used for the purpose of describing the radioactive content other than LSA-I.

65. For mixtures of radionuclides:
(a) the respective symbols of the most restrictive nuclides must be listed to the extent the space permits; and
(b) if inclusive of the group of LSA or SCO, it shall be shown by using "LSA-II", “LSA-III", "SCO-I" or "SCO-II", as appropriate, following the symbol of the radionuclide.

66. For LSA-I, the symbol "LSA-I" shall be used, and the name of the radionuclide is not necessary. 

67. The maximum activity of the radioactive contents during transport, expressed in units of becquerels (Bq) using the appropriate SI prefix as specified in the Fourteenth Schedule shall be used for the purpose of describing the activity, but for a fissile material, the mass in units of grams (g) or multiples thereof, may be used.

68. For overpacks and freight containers, the "contents" and "activity" entries on the label shall bear the information required in Article 63, Article 64, Article 65 and Article 66, totaled together for the entire contents of the overpacks or the freight containers.

69. For overpacks or freight containers containing mixed loads of packages with different radionuclides, the "content" and "activity" entries may simply read "see transport documents".

70. Each package in category II-YELLOW or III-YELLOW shall have its transport index marked on its label.

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