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Section 2

​2. Notwithstanding Article  1,  this Specific Regulation  shall not apply to to any of the following::

(a) non-radioactive solid objects with radioactive substances present on any surfaces in quantities not in excess of 0.4 Becquerel per square centimetres (Bq/cm2) for beta emitter, gamma emitter and low toxicity alpha emitter, or 0.04 Bq/cm2 for all other alpha emitters.  

(b) natural material and ores containing naturally occurring radionuclides that are either in their natural state, or have been processed only for purposes other than for the extraction of the radionuclides, and that are not intended to be processed for use of these radionuclides provided that the activity concentration level of the material  does not exceed 10 times the values as prescribed by the NRRC in the relevant Regulations. 

3. The safety provision stated in Regulation on Radiation Safety (NRRC-R-01) shall apply except where otherwise provided in this Specific Regulation.

4. For transport of radioactive material or nuclear material having subsidiary risks with other dangerous goods, the relevant transport legislation for dangerous goods of each of the countries through or into which the material is to be transported shall apply in addition to this Specific Regulation and other NRRC Regulations refered  to in this Specific Regulation. 

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