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Section 13

18. An application for authorization to use non-conforming packages under Article 17 shall include a written statement describing the following:

(a) The manner and degree to which the package does not conform to the relevant requirements of this Specific Regulation;
(b) The Evidence supporting the applicant's assertion that it would be impossible to comply with the applicable requirements of this Specific Regulation.;
(c) The details of all measures that are proposed to be taken to compensate for the known or anticipated non-conformities; and
(d) Any additional information that the NRRC deems necessary to evaluate the application.
19. Any authorization issued by the NRRC pursuant to requirement in Article 17 of this Regulation shall be in writing, and shall be subject to the terms and conditions the NRRC deems necessary in the interests of health, safety, security, and environment.

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