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ProjTitle.icon Project’s initial Milestones

Prior to ​the start of the project, a cuticle step to overcome was to build the basis of the model based on the current and latest best practices which resulted in performing a detailed research to identify the right models to be leveraged.

Moreover, the modes to be analysed were being assessed based on the following aspects to deduce key findings and lessons learnt:

  • Entity - Background on the entity (credibility, stakeholders, etc.) & model ownership
  • Assessment objectives & categories - categories & subcategories covered by the assessment and the cascading of the assessment categories from the objectives
  • Process - The steps of the assessment and key activities with the average time for the assessment
  • Incentives - The rewards that were offered to the facilities to encourage participation
  • Coverage - The depth of the assessment's coverage in terms of questions when compared to the other selected models
  • Applications & Case studies - General information about the usage of the assessment model and a deep dive case study
    Furthermore, certain amount of procedures needed to be done in order for to identify current challenges that were facing in which challenges on a high level were identified as the following:
  1. Strategy Alignment - There are too many digital health strategies on the national level, which makes it hard for the different entities in the sector to align with a single strategy
  2. Budget - Implementation of new technologies/ digital initiatives requires a budget which causes resistance from the provider's side
  3. Digital Competencies - Not all healthcare employees have the required digital acumen to support in the digital transformation journey. HIM & EMR need to be taught in medical schools
  4. Resistance to Change - New digital projects/ initiatives are usually faced with resistance unless it is mandated or benefits are communicated to provider. There is also resistance to change on the user level
  5. Leadership & Organization - Decision making processes are long, especially in larger entities If Digital health is not on top management agenda, the facility's buy in is slower

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