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ProjTitle.icon Purpose of the Saudi e-Health Maturity Assessment

Saudi e-Health Maturity Assessment is one of the key initiatives of NHIC that is designed to achieve the center's mandate in which they require the maturity of the different facilities to be able to fully achieve the mandate items and they are as follows:



  1. Health Information Exchange: Act as a communication center to regulate and electronically exchange health information among health sectors and other related bodies.
  2. Health Data Governance: Identify data and health information necessary to be provided by the concerned authorities in health services. Develop rules and mechanisms for the exchange of these information between relevant authorities as per technical systems that enable information sharing and connectivity
  3. Standardization of Health Data: Standardization of terminology, names and definitions used in all health information systems and methods of collection.
  4. Unified Electronic Health File: Coordinate with relevant entities to consolidate a unified electronic health file per patient, that can be electronically shared through an integrated system linking electronic medical records in hospitals and medical centers, so that the national ID or “iqama" act as a national reference
  5. Medical Coding Standards Adoption: Adopt international coding system for diseases, set its by-laws and supervise its implementation in all health authorities in coordination with relevant authorities
  6. Medical Networks and Telemedicine: Connect medical networks in the kingdom to create a national network of tele-medicine and supervise the network.

National Health Statistics: Prepare and publish national and health statistics, submit periodical statistical reports on health service activity to the Board​

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