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1.1.        Applicants wishing to obtain a provisioning of operation services of NTN permit will have to provide the CITC the following information, and all required documents and information shall be in Arabic. Supporting documents (if any) may be submitted in English:
1.1.1.   Submit the application through the electronic licensing system.
1.1.2.   Have a General Class License with at least six months validity.
1.1.3.   Submit a valid commercial registration in the Kingdom with at least three months validity and indicating the activity of the service permit. The CITC, subject to its sole discretion, may exempt some applicants from this requirement. In that case, the CITC will request the commercial registration in the home country attested by the Saudi Consulate. 
1.1.4.   Provide a brief description of the company profile and operations.
1.1.5.   Provide a brief description of the services to be provided in the Kingdom.
1.1.6.   Provide the technical specifications of the networks, systems, and devices to be used in the provision of the service, including the details on the location of the gateways stations that will be used to provide the services, if applicable.
1.1.7.   Comply with the regulatory requirements of providing the service.
1.1.8.   Pay the applicable fee, as defined in the “Regulations of Fees for Telecommunication Services” published on CITC website, through SADAD payment system within a month from the date of issuing the invoice.
1.1.9.   Submit, for services that are to be provided to the public, the following:       Proposed price plan for end-users       Brief description of the proposed approach to customer care and after-sales services, monitor service performance, and billing procedures.       Expected date for launching services.       Expected number of subscribers, and their geographical distribution
1.1.10.         Submit the application for the use of numbering resources, if applicable.
1.1.11.         Submit the application for the use of spectrum frequencies, if applicable.
1.1.12.         Submit a confirmation of the agreement with the proposed satellite capacity provider, if the services to be provided require the use of satellite capacity, unless the applicant and the satellite capacity provider are the same.
1.1.13.         Submit a proof that the satellite provider has been registered at the CITC to provide capacity over the Kingdom.
1.1.14.         Applicants wishing to provide broadband services must additionally submit a financial identification letter from a Saudi bank or an international bank with its approval from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, confirming the applicant will be eligible for sufficient funding to meet the maximum financial requirements.

1.2.        Streamlined procedures for providers of operation services of NTN who wish to provision telecommunication services over NTN:
1.2.1.            Applicants wishing to obtain a provisioning of operations services of NTN permit together with a provisioning of telecommunication services over NTN permit may request both in the same application submitting the documentation and information required in this document as well as the regulations for provisioning of telecommunication services over NTN document.
1.2.2.            Holders of a provisioning of operation services of NTN permit wishing to obtain a permit to provide telecommunication services over NTN may apply before the CITC at any time to be issued the permit. CITC will define a streamlined procedure on the online system to ensure holders of a network permit are only required to provide the additional documentation and information and do not have to undergo the entire procedure.
1.3.        The application process would be conducted as follows:
1.3.1.            After submitting the application through the electronic licensing system, the application will follow the standard procedure and SLA for the electronic licensing system.
1.3.2.            Any change occurred during the consideration of the application, regarding the information submitted when applying must be immediately notified to the CITC.
1.3.3.            All issued General Class Licenses and associated permits will be published on the CITC website.
1.3.4.            The Arabic version of the License shall be the official version and in case of any differences between the text of the official version written in Arabic language and a translation into another language, the Arabic version shall prevail.​​

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