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1.1               In accordance with the Telecom Act (the Act) and its Executive Regulations (the Regulations) and the powers it includes for the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), including those related to the regulation of telecommunication services, and in accordance with the development of telecommunications markets in the Kingdom and the experiences of other countries; CITC issues this document to enable advanced telecommunications services, establish a proper environment for effective and fair competition, and encourage the provisioning of Non-Terrestrial Network services under the General Class License; to achieve clarity and transparency in its procedures.​
1.2               Keeping with the international best practices to build a competitive and modern regulatory framework that aims to remove identified market entry barriers, and reduce regulatory burdens, by adopting the principle of “technological neutrality” in this document. This approach allows for assigning permits for future networks as well as all present networks, promoting innovation and competition, creating certainty, thus attracting investments in the country for the expansion of the telecommunication services.​

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