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Article 9: Frequency Reallocation

  1. Without prejudice to ‎Article 2 and ‎Article 6 of the Law, the Commission may reallocate one or more specified frequency bands of Radio Spectrum subject to the approval of the Board of Directors .
  2. The Commission shall take the views of the Licensees or Users in circumstances where it determines to reallocate one or more specified frequency bands of Radio Spectrum, except in circumstances where the Frequency Reallocation is for the implementation of any changes in International Radio Regulations.
  3. The Commission shall specify a timeline for compliance by Licensees affected by the Frequency Reallocation, and the Licensees and Users must comply with any instructions issued by the Commission in this regard.
  4. The Commission may compensate Licensees and/or Users, effected as a result of Frequency Reallocation, and take into account all fair circumstances and any relevant aspects as described in the Implementing Regulation and any relevant Technical Regulations.​​

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