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ProjTitle.icon Article 3: Scope of Application

1. The Radio Spectrum is a national and natural resource owned by the Kingdom and administered by the Commission in accordance with the provisions of the Law, Implementing Regulation and Technical Regulations. 
2. The Law applies to:
a) all uses of Radio Spectrum in or over all territories of the Kingdom, including the Kingdom's land, sea and water territories, and the outer space above the land, sea and water territories to the atmosphere and outer space, in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom and rules of international law;
b) all Wireless Devices in the Kingdom that use Radio Spectrum including devices on board a ship, aircraft or other vehicle that is registered in the Kingdom as applicable; and
c) the use of Orbital Resources and Radio Spectrum through satellites for telecommunication, broadcast, navigation or other purposes and any such space objects or space services that rely on the use of Radio Spectrum.

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