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ProjTitle.icon Article 23: Penalties

1. Without prejudice to any greater penalty provided for in any other law, any Person who commits any of the violations mentioned in ‎Article 22, or whoever attempts to commit or assists in the commission of such violation, shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties:
(a) A fine not exceeding twenty-five (25) million riyals.
(b) Suspension of the License which is the subject-matter of the violation, either totally or partially.
(c) Deprivation, for a certain period, from the right to obtain a License, or deprivation from the right to renew such License. 
(d) Obliging the violator to surrender of the proceeds realised as a result of the violation.
2. The offender shall commit to cease, rectify, or remove the violation, as the case may be, during the period specified by the Committee. The Commission may require before the Committee that the offender be sentenced to one penalty or more of the penalties mentioned in paragraph ‎1 of this Article, if the offender does not cease, rectify, or remove the violation during the period specified by the Committee. 
3. When imposing the penalty, it is required to consider the gravity, nature, and impact of the violation.
4. The Committee may include in its decision that a summary must be published, at the expense of the offender, in a local newspaper or by any other way, depending on the type of violation committed, its gravity, and impact. The summary shall be published after the decision becomes irrevocable. 

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