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ProjTitle.icon Article 22: Violations

Any of the following acts shall be deemed as a violation:
1. Possessing, selling, leasing out, making available, manufacturing, producing, or trading, in any way, any Wireless Device, material, tool, service, system, programme,  which is related to the use of Radio Spectrum, and that is not in compliance with the conditions and specifications set out in the relevant Technical Regulations.
2. Without prejudice to  Article 13, using any frequency of the Radio Spectrum without having the necessary License and/or without settlement of any applicable fees.
3. Obstructing the monitoring and inspection work of the Commission in accordance with the the provisions of the law.
4. Failing to provide the Commission with any reports, information, or documents requested that enable it to perform its work.
5. Breach of the terms or conditions of the License.
6. Manufacturing, distributing, selling, possessing or using any Wireless Device without having the necessary authorization(s) and/or without settlement of any applicable fees.
7. Any other activity that is contrary to the provisions of the Law, Implementing Regulation, Technical Regulations issued by the Commission.

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