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ProjTitle.icon Article 2: Goals of the Law

The law aims to:

  1. Promote the technical efficiency and economic value of the use of Radio Spectrum, in an environment free from Harmful Interferences, to provide an attractive landscape for investment in the Kingdom for the greatest benefit to Users, the national economy, society, and national security.
  2. Promote innovation, research, and technical development and sciences across all relevant sectors that use Radio Spectrum, including developing subsectors and Emerging Technologies.
  3. Promote and encourage fair competition in using the Radio Spectrum for the promotion of User benefit.
  4. Promote clarity and transparency in the procedures of administering the use of Radio Spectrum.
  5. Provide frequency bands to meet current and future demands for Radio Spectrum, including for commercial purposes, defence purposes, national security purposes, or for any other purposes such as public safety or other community purposes.
  6. Promote optimal utilization of Radio Spectrum and adopt radio technologies that efficiently utilize the use of Radio Spectrum.
  7. Protect the national security interest.
  8. Improve the management and use of Radio Spectrum data, without prejudice to maintaining the confidentiality of confidential data.
  9. Protect the public from harmful radio waves.​​

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