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Article 19: Inspection

1. Inspectors designated pursuant to a decision of the Board of Directors – based on the recommendation of the Commission – shall, collectively or individually: 
(a) Pursue any violations of the provisions of the Law, Implementing Regulation, Technical Regulations and the relevant Licenses and shall investigate, collect evidence or refer such violations to the Committee, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Implementing Regulation.
(b) Have judicial authority within their mandate in order to evidence violations of the Law, Implementing Regulation, Technical Regulations, and related Licenses, and shall carry out their functions and responsibilities in accordance with the Implementing Regulation. 
(c) Examine documents, technology systems, and databases, and take copies of them, and seize any Wireless Devices suspected of being used in a violation, or otherwise illegally being used, and/or creating Harmful Interference to other legitimate Users.
2. The Commission, as a precautionary measure, may withhold the seizures until the violation is examined before the Committee. If the violation is established by a final decision, the Commission may dispose of the seizures as specified by the Implementing Regulation without prejudice to the offender’s right to claim compensation for any damages

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