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ProjTitle.icon Article 18: Radio Monitoring

1. The Commission shall monitor and supervise compliance with the License conditions, Law, Implementing Regulation and Technical Regulations.
2. The Commission shall specify the levels of exposure to radio waves that are part of the Radio Spectrum and set the rules and conditions required to comply with such levels and take measurements and other steps as necessary in accordance with the relevant Technical Regulations.
3. The Commission shall monitor the use of Radio Spectrum in order to minimise Harmful Interference. 
4. The Commission may require Licensees or any Person found in possession of Wireless Devices to provide all information necessary to verify compliance with the License conditions or with any obligation under the Law, Implementing Regulation or Technical Regulations.
5. The Commission may suspend Radiocommunication Services or technology systems that use Radio Spectrum in the event of a violation suspicion, as a precautionary measure.


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