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ProjTitle.icon Article 12: Restriction of Radio Spectrum rights

1. The Commission may refuse a request to renew, revoke or amend a License, in any of the following cases as applicable:
(a) The need to reallocate one or more specified frequency bands of Radio Spectrum in accordance with ‎Article 9.
(b) If it is necessary to comply with the international obligations of the Kingdom.
(c) The need to ensure continuous and efficient utilization of the Radio Spectrum from both technical and economic perspectives.
(d) If the Licensee is not using the licensed Radio Spectrum or not utilizing it efficiently.
(e) The failure of the Licensee to pay due fees.
(f) The failure of the Licensee to provide the Commission with any frequency data related to the license.
(g) Suspicion of a breach of the Law, Implementing Regulation or Technical Regulations.
(h) Any other cases specified by the Implementing Regulation or Technical Regulations.
2. Pursuant to a decision by the Board of Directors, the Commission may provide compensation to the Licensee affected by any decision made under paragraph 1 of this Article, subject to agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the Non-Oil Revenues Development Center.

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