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ProjTitle.icon Article 10: Types of Licenses, methods and conditions

  1. Subject to ‎Article 13, it is prohibited to use any frequency of Radio Spectrum without having the necessary License from Commission and without settlement of any applicable fees. The Commission may divide the fees in accordance with the relevant Technical Regulations.
  2. The Commission shall classify the Licenses into categories that vary in the level of exclusivity in respect of the use of Radio Spectrum and level of protection from Harmful Interferences, and the Commission shall lay down the terms and conditions of each category.
  3. The Commission shall determine the most appropriate mechanism of Radio Spectrum licensing and may issue Licenses pursuant to a competitive process.
  4. The Commission may include conditions for Licenses to guarantee efficient and effective use of Radio Spectrum.
  5. The Commission may impose different License conditions for competing Radiocommunication Services or Users using the same frequency bands if this is demonstrated to be necessary to achieve the objectives of the Law.
  6. The Commission shall license the resources associated with the use of Radio Spectrum, in accordance with the Implementing Regulation.
  7. Licenses may be terminated, amended and renewed pursuant to a request from the Licensee and subject to the approval of the Commission, in accordance with the Implementing Regulation and any relevant Technical Regulations.
  8. A Licensee is prohibited from transferring or leasing their rights of use for Radio Spectrum prior to obtaining the approval of the Commission, and in accordance with the rules and conditions set out in the relevant Technical Regulations.
  9. The Technical Regulations shall specify the requirements for the use of Radio Spectrum by Wireless Devices, the radio technologies used, the Radiocommunication Services and the various uses of the Radio Spectrum.​

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