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ProjTitle.icon Article 2: Definitions

Article 2: Definitions

The terms used in these regulations shall have the same meanings that are stated in the Communications and Information Technology Act, its executive regulations, and CITC regulations; The following words and expressions shall have the meanings associated with them unless the context requires otherwise:

  1. The Kingdom: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. CITC or “Commission": Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  3. Content provider: any person that makes and provides information, content (e.g., web pages, blogs, videos, etc.), applications or services over the internet.
  4. Differential pricing: when the same or similar products or services are offered to end-users at different prices; this includes zero-rating or sponsored data.
  5. End-user: a natural or legal person who uses the retail internet services.
  6. Internet Access Services (IAS): a publicly available communication service that provides end-users access to the internet.
  7. Internet traffic management: the process of managing or optimizing internet traffic to ensure service quality and protect network integrity, and may include but is not limited to prioritizing, throttling or delaying internet traffic.
  8. Service provider: any entity licensed by CITC to: (1) provide telecommunications or internet services to the public and (2) operate a network used by that person or another person to provide telecommunications or internet services to the public, or both.
  9. Specialized internet services: internet services other than internet access services for specific information, content, applications or services, that require optimized internet quality to meet its operation requirements.
  10. Sponsored data: a service that allows content providers to sponsor the data usage to access their content on behalf of end-users.
  11. Zero-rating: providing a different data allowance to the traffic associated with certain content.​

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