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Article 1: Preamble

  1. Introduction

    The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is mandated to regulate the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including internet services, in accordance with the Telecommunications Act, its bylaw and CITC Ordinance.

     In accordance with the Telecommunications Act's mandate, CITC aims for a thriving digital economy by protecting consumers, safeguarding competition, ensuring reliable services, fostering digital innovation, and promoting transparency. In line with IGNITE execution program and key strategic imperatives of CITC and KSA and based on the development of the communication and information market in the Kingdom and best international practices, CITC has undertaken several key initiatives to invigorate digital content creation, grow potential investments and transform digital media infrastructure, including developing a Network Neutrality framework for KSA.

    The Network Neutrality regulation establishes common provisions to achieve the following objectives:
    1. Protect consumer rights to access lawfully permissible content
    2. Safeguard local content providers' non-discriminatory access to the market
    3. Promote healthy competition and foster digital innovation
    4. Ensure service providers continue to have control over their operations and differentiate themselves.​

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