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ProjTitle.icon Article (6) CST Notices

1.     CST may, if it has reasonable grounds to suspect the existence of global digital content that violates the provisions hereof or any of the pre-qualification conditions, notify the intermediary service provider to remove that digital content, restrict access and transit from the Kingdom thereto or take any other action that CST deems appropriate to check the stated.

2.     Notice issued pursuant to Paragraph (1) of this Article shall include - at a minimum - the following information:

a. Details of any operations to be followed to comply with the notice, including instructions and contact information to inform CST of actions taken to comply with the notice.

b. An explanation of the digital content and reasons why it is considered content that violates the Kingdom's laws, which may include a precise mapping of the Uniform Resour​ce Location (URL), or any technical means to uniquely identify the same, in order to allow the intermediary service provider to determine its location, in preparation for removing, or restricting access thereto - as the case may be - if its existence is proven.

c. Date and time of the notice, and the period specified for implementing its content.

3.       CST may include in the notice any additional details it deems necessary to enable the intermediary service provider to comply with its content.

4.     The intermediary service provider shall take the action stipulated in the notice within the period specified by CST in accordance with Paragraph (2) of this Article.

5.     CST issues the necessary regulatory decisions to determine the period(s) referred to in Paragraph (4) of this Article. 

6.     The intermediary service provider shall maintain electronic records of all notices received from CST under this article, and regulatory decisions determine the minimum information in those records and the duration of their retention.


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