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6. Licensing Mechanism for Broadcasting Services

6-1 To use the frequency for Broadcasting Services, frequency Usage License from CST must be obtained.
6-2 To use the frequency for Broadcasting Services, a license to provide radio content broadcasting service from the General Commission for Audiovisual Media must be obtained.​
6-3 In order to obtain a Frequency Usage License for Broadcasting Services, the applicant must follow the following steps:
6-3-1 Step 1: Submit an application to GCAM for the use of frequencies for broadcasting services. GCAM will examine the application.
6-3-2 Step 2: If the application meets GCAM’s requirements for the provision of the broadcasting service, the GCAM specialists will transmit to the CST the request for a license to use frequencies.
6-3-3 Step 3: CST shall review the application form in accordance with its applicable rules and assign the requested spectrum if it is available and the application complies with the above rules. CST may reject an application for a license to use the frequency if the applicant fails to prove his ability to comply with the terms, conditions, or limitations of the Frequency Usage License to use the frequency.
6-3-4 Step 4: CST shall register the assigned frequencies in the National Frequency Register and shall issue an invoice for the fees for the use of frequencies, with the GCAM being informed of the result of this review.
6-3-5 Step 5: Upon completion of the payment of the fees for the use of frequencies, the CST shall issue a Frequency Usage License and notify the GCAM.
6-4 CST usually issues its decision to accept or reject the application within (30) thirty working days,  the period does not exceed (180) one hundred and eighty working days in cases that require international coordination, from the date of receiving the request , assuming the application is submitted correctly and complete, and the payment is duly received. 
6-5 The Authority may extend the period specified in Paragraph (4-6) of this Article for a similar period, or for any other period that the Authority deems appropriate, in the following cases:
6-5-1 If batch requests, with 5 or more requested Frequency Usage Licenses>
6-5-2 If the assignments do not match CST’s policy for the use of spectrum frequencies.
​Questions for stakeholders:
Q4. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the current licensing process?

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