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2. Definitions

The specific words and expressions defined in the Telecommunication and Information Technology Act and its Executive Bylaws and other regulations of CST shall have the same meaning when used in this document, unless stated otherwise. The following terms and expressions used in this document shall have the meaning specified hereunder:
2-1 CST: Communications, Space and Technology Commission.
2-2 Broadcasting Service: A radiocommunication service in which transmission is intended for direct reception by the general public. This service may include audio, television or other types of radio broadcasting.
2-3 Digital Audio Broadcasting / DAB / DAB+: Broadcasting service with enhanced efficiency in the use of radio frequencies, relying for its operation on technical equipment with integrated digital systems, which offer a greater potential for improved sound quality and the provision of new interactive options with listeners, thus allowing for additional services.
2-4 Frequency Usage License: a license issued by CST to use spectrum for Broadcasting Services or other specified services, under certain terms and conditions.
2-5 National Frequency Allocation Table (NFAT): The NFAT shows the frequency band allocations for various radio services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in conformity with ITU Radio Regulations .
2-6 Program Making and Special Events: Wireless uses that include devices such as wireless microphones, wireless speakers, wireless cameras, etc. The frequencies for these uses are usually licensed over a specific geographical range and for a specific period of time.
2-7 Applicant: Any person who applies to the Commission to obtain a license to use frequencies for the broadcasting service.

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