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ProjTitle.icon 12. Cancellation or modification of frequency assignment to the service

12-1 CST may, by reasoned decision, modify or cancel the Frequency Usage License prior to the end of the prescribed period
12-1-1 at the request of the licensee, 
12-1-2 due to his breach of any of the license’s terms and conditions, 
12-1-3 to achieve efficient and optimal usage of the frequency spectrum,
12-1-4 to comply with changes in international regulations and decisions issued by regional and international telecommunications organizations, or
12-1-5 As may be required for public interest purposes.
12-1-6 If the GCAM revokes the license for the broadcasting service, CST has the right to cancel the Frequency Usage License as well.

Questions for stakeholders:
Q6. Do you agree with the current rights of frequency usage? Alternatively, do you have any suggestions for improvements?

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