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ProjTitle.icon 11. TV “White Space”

11-1 "TV White Space" ("TVWS") refers to locations in the spectrum between those used by high power broadcast TV stations, which can be used for low power services. The availability of TVWS spectrum varies within the band and the geographic location, so careful planning and coordination is required.

11-2 CST allows “White Space Devices” (“WSDs”) to utilise the unused parts of the radio spectrum in the 470 to 614 MHz frequency band, at a particular location and time, on a shared basis, subject to ensuring that a low probability of harmful interference with other spectrum users in the band concerned or those adjacent to it. The license to use the frequencies shall be in accordance with the provisions of the light licensing document.​​

Questions for stakeholders:
Q5. Do you agree with the frequency bands that CST envisages making available for the use of TV White Spaces?

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