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ProjTitle.icon Article 8: Registration Certificate Issuance

The registration certificate shall be issued as soon as the registration process is completed. The certificate shall include the following information:
1.  Registration Serial Number.
2.  Entity/Individual Name.
3.  Entity Logo.
4.  Entity Address.
5.  Official Email of the Entity/Individual.
6.  Official Contact Number of the Entity/Individual.
7.  The Date of Issue and End Date.
8.  QR code.
The Competent Authority shall notify the Controller of the impending expiration of their registration certificate no less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiry date. Following the expiration of the registration certificate, the Controller may continue to access Platform Services for a grace period of up to five (5) days. However, access to services beyond this grace period shall be contingent upon the Controller submitting a renewal request.

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