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ProjTitle.icon Roles and responsibilities

To achieve the objectives of the policy - without prejudice to the competencies of other government agencies - the Ministry works with government agencies and the private sector to implement the pillars of this policy that it stipulates and in accordance with government policies related to the sector. Below is a list of roles and responsibilities to implement the pillars of this policy:

Ministry of Communication and Information TechnologySetting policies, strategies, plans, and programs related to the sector, including digital infrastructure, and taking the necessary measures to facilitate the uses of digital infrastructure in all governmental, economic, social and service fields
Communications, Space & Technology CommissionRegulating the sector and achieving policy pillars regarding regulations related to digital infrastructure
Relevant Government EntitiesImplementation of the pillars of this policy according to each entity's roles and responsibilities regarding the sector's services, products and innovations related to digital infrastructure.
Private SectorKey stakeholder in implementing the pillars of this policy via programs, services, products, and research and innovations related to digital infrastructure.
Government funds, venture funds, investors and entrepreneurs (local and global)Support investments in projects/programs, digital infrastructure innovations, and related digital services.


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