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ProjTitle.icon Article 22: Grounds for Refusing to Grant Relief

Without prejudice to the provisions stipulated in the enforcement Law and the relevant law, it is not permissible to refuse to implement the settlement agreement to nullify it based on the objection of the party subject of the enforcement, unless it is proven that one of the following cases has been verified:

1.     That one of the parties was not fully competent at the time of the conclusion of the settlement agreement, in accordance with the relevant laws.

2.     That the settlement agreement is void in accordance with the Law to which its parties have subjected it or the Law that the court deems enforceable.

3.     That the obligations contained in the Settlement Agreement have been implemented or are unclear or incomprehensible.

4.     To accept an objection to the settlement agreement would be contrary to the terms of the settlement agreement.

5.     That the mediator has seriously violated his duties or due procedures in accordance with the controls specified by the regulation.

6.     The implementation of the settlement agreement is contrary to public order.

7.     The dispute subject to mediation may not be reconciled in accordance with the relevant laws. ​

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