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ProjTitle.icon Article 4: International Commercial Mediation

1.     Without prejudice to the relevant international conventions and the provisions of a special legal text, the provisions of the Law shall apply to international commercial mediation, which the parties agree to subject to the provisions of the Law.

2.     For the purposes of paragraph (1) of this article an international commercial mediation shall be deemed to be an international commercial mediation in the following cases:

A.     The parties have their places of business at the time of the conclusion of the mediation agreement in different countries. If one of the parties has more than one place of business, the place most closely related to the subject matter of the dispute shall prevail. If one or all of the parties does not have a specific place of business, the place of habitual residence shall prevail.

B.     If the country in which the parties have their places of business is different from the State in which a substantial part of the obligations of the commercial relationship is to be performed or from the State most closely connected with the subject matter of the mediation.


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