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ProjTitle.icon Article 15

A temporarily licensed firm shall abide by the following: 
1- The firm and its personnel working on the project shall abide by the professional code of conduct for lawyers; the professional ethics contained in the Code, its implementing regulation, and relevant laws; and any professional regulations in the country in which the firm is licensed to practice law which do not conflict with the said Saudi rules and provisions.
2- The firm shall not provide any service outside the scope of the license granted to it.
3- The work assigned to Saudis shall not be less than 10% of the project work of a legal nature. This percentage may be achieved by contracting with a Saudi lawyer or a Saudi professional company.
4- ​The firm shall submit a report to the Competent Department at the end of the project indicating the services actually provided, the effects of such services, and any other information as determined by the Competent Department.

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