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Article 82:

The procedures for considering and litigating the lawsuit shall be in writing, and the Disciplinary Committee may - on its own initiative or at the request of the competent department or the licensee - hear what the licensee has verbally in presence or remotely through approved electronic means. 

Article 83:

Disciplinary hearings shall be confidential, and the Disciplinary Committee shall prepare for each of its hearings a record that includes the data of the lawsuit, its parties, and a summary of what was done in it.

Article 84:

If the disciplinary committee or the competent department deems that the violation under investigation or consideration involves a crime, it shall be reported to the competent entity, and the disciplinary committee shall decide what it deems necessary to proceed with the disciplinary lawsuit.

Article 85:

The Disciplinary Committee shall issue its decision on the disciplinary lawsuit within (60) days from the date of its filling, and it may be extended for a similar period when needed.

Article 86:

The decision of the disciplinary committee to impose the penalty must include: the details of the violator, the description of the violation and the evidence to prove it, the reasoning of the decision, and the answer to the violator defenses. 

Article 87:

The disciplinary lawsuit shall lapse in the following cases:

  1. Issuance of a final decision by the Disciplinary Committee against the violator.
  2. The death of the lawyer, the loss of his capacity, or the expiry of his legal personality.
  3. Removal of the licensee from the list by a final decision of the Registration and Admission Committee, unless his name is re-registered. 

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