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Article 76:

The Disciplinary Committee shall have a secretary named by a decision of the Minister, who shall supervise the secretariat of the Committee, prepare and maintain its minutes and decisions, and prepare the technical and administrative work of the Committee and its meetings, and all the work assigned to him by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee within the limits of his competence. 

Article 77:

A one (or more) substitute member shall be named by a decision of the minister to replace the member of the basic disciplinary committee in his absence or resignation. 

Article 78:

The Disciplinary Committee shall be convened at the request of its Chairman as needed, and it may be convened remotely through approved electronic means. 

Article 79:

The disciplinary committee may, if the interest so requires during the investigation or consideration of the lawsuit, order -by a reasoned decision- the temporary suspension of the licensee from practicing the profession for a period not exceeding (90) days, renewable for a similar period. 

Article 80:

1- A member of the Disciplinary Committee shall step down and refrain from considering the case in the event of a conflict of interest, including:

A- If he is related or in-law to the fourth degree to the licensee or the complainant.

B- If there is a dispute, enmity or affection between him and the licensee or the complainant, it is likely that he will not be able to judge without bias.

2- If the member has a reason to be prevented from considering the disciplinary lawsuit and does not comply with this, any of the parties to the lawsuit may request his prevention, and the request shall be decided by the minister or whoever he authorizes by a final decision. 

Article 81:

The Disciplinary Committee, in order to exercise its functions, shall take the following:

  1. Request to obtain the necessary documents and papers from the licensee and the relevant authorities.
  2. Request to inform the relevant parties of the violation, and interrogate the licensee.
  3. Seek the assistance of experts and specialists it deems appropriate to express an opinion or attend its meetings. 

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