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Article 68:

Complaints and reports shall be submitted to the competent department in accordance with the approved forms and procedures. 

Article 69:

The competent department shall supervise, inspect, and control violations, and verify complaints and reports. In the exercise of its functions, it shall have the following powers:

  1. Entering the premises of practicing the profession, to verify the licensee's compliance with the Laws and Instructions.
  2. Reviewing the papers, documents and licenses necessary to verify the licensee's compliance with the Laws and Instructions.
  3. Requesting the statement of the licensee of the violation attributed to it, and hearing the statements of the complainant and any related party when necessary. 

Article 70:

The competent employee shall abide by integrity and confidentiality, abide by the approved manuals and procedures in his work, and refrain from any work in which there is a conflict of interest. 

Article 71:

The person licensed to practice the Law profession shall enable the competent employee to perform his work in accordance with the powers vested in him. 

Article 72:

  1. The competent employee shall prepare a report of the violation in accordance with the approved form, including: the data of the violator, the description of the violation, the date of the incident, the relevant evidence and presumptions, and the recommendation of referral to investigation or preservation.
  2. The competent department decides to refer the licensee to investigation or preservation in the event of failure to identify a violation that requires referral to investigation. ​

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