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Article 64:

In order to achieve its obligations stipulated in Article (52) of the Law, the foreign law firm shall comply with the following:

1- The number of Saudis practicing works of a legal nature in the foreign law firm shall not be less than the localization rates specified for Saudi law firms and professional companies in accordance with the Laws and Decisions regulating this.

2- The foreign law firm shall develop an annual work plan for the transfer of knowledge and training, which shall include at a minimum the commitment of the foreign law firm to the following:

A- Provide (20) training hours annually for each worker in the foreign law firm who carries out work of a legal nature.

B- Approve a policy for the secondment of Saudi workers to the headquarters of the foreign law firm or its branches.

C- Implement a program to prepare Saudi workers for career development in the technical and administrative tracks.

D- Implement a program to train university graduates and recent graduates in jobs of a legal nature.

E- Contribute to the establishment or sponsorship of scientific and professional conferences, seminars and events in the Kingdom.

F- Actual involvement of Saudi employees in the work of foreign law firm units and departments and in its projects in the Kingdom.

3- The value of consultancy work transferred outside the Kingdom shall not exceed (30%) of the value of the total consultancy work of the foreign law firm in the year. Consultancy related to non-Saudi Laws for a service related to work outside the Kingdom shall not be taken into account in calculating this percentage. 

Article 65:

The foreign law firm shall, upon request, provide the competent department with the approved financial statements, an annual report showing its commitment to the knowledge transfer and training plan, and any data or reports for the purpose of verifying the firm's statutory obligations. ​

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