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Article 36:

1-     To consider the training as an experience in the nature of work, the registered trainee shall comply with the following:

A- The Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers and the ethics of the profession stipulated in the Law and its implementing regulations and related Laws.

B- Implementing the approved training plan and passing the minimum theoretical training referred to in Article (32) of the Regulation.

C- The working hours of the lawyer shall not be less than the hours specified by the competent department.

D- Following the instructions of the lawyer unless they violate the relevant Laws.

E- Not to impersonate a lawyer, or to mislead in the sense that he is a licensed lawyer by any means.

2-     The competent department may cancel the registration in the event that the trainee violates the obligations mentioned in paragraph (1) of this article. ​

Article 37:

The registered trainee may submit all the work of the profession, including representation and attending investigation sessions, under a power of attorney from the lawyer and under his supervision and responsibility and by signing the memorandums submitted to the court, unless the client requires the lawyer to do so by himself. 

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