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Article 32:

In order to consider the training in law firms as an experience in the nature of work, in accordance with what is stipulated in Paragraph (1) of Article (3) of the regulation, that the trainee must be registered by the lawyer who works for him at the competent department, and that he must pass the minimum level of theoretical training set by the Ministry in coordination with the Authority.

Article 33:

The relationship between the lawyer and the trainee shall be regulated by the employment contract in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law. 

Article 34:

The following is required to register the trainee:

  1. He must meet the conditions for registration in the list of practicing lawyers, except for the requirement of experience in the nature of the work.
  2. The lawyer who trains with him or one of the partners in the legal establishment that trains has at least (2) years of experience in practicing the profession. 

Article 35:

  1. The lawyer submits the registration application to the competent department electronically, accompanied with the documents and papers specified by the competent department.
  2. The applicant shall complete the documents and papers required by the competent department within a period not exceeding (30) days from the date of being notified of this, otherwise the application shall be deemed null and void. 

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