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Article 28:

  1. The lawyer has the right to receive fees for his work, and he may recover the expenses incurred by him in initiating lawsuits or the work to which he is assigned.
  2. The lawyer shall, before the start of the agreed work, conclude a written agreement with his client, and the fees shall be due in accordance with this contract. ​

Article 29:

Jurisdiction in disputes over attorneys' fees shall be as follows:

  1. If the work between the lawyer and the client is related to a lawsuit pending before the court, the jurisdiction shall be with the court that considered the lawsuit.
  2. If the work between the lawyer and the client is related to a lawsuit pending before an entity other than the court or is not related to a judicial dispute, it shall be according to the specific jurisdiction of the courts in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions.​

Article 30:

  1. The client must notify his lawyer when he is dismissed, and notify the entity handling the case of this.
  2. The court competent to consider the fees shall consider the reason for the dismissal of the lawyer. 

Article 31:

The estimation of the attorney's fees, in the cases stipulated in Articles (26), (27), and (28) of the Law, shall be made by an expert by order of the competent court, and the following shall be taken into account to estimate the value of the fees due:

  1. The type and nature of the work, the estimated effort and the skills required to perform it.
  2. The impact of the contract on the lawyer's relationship with other clients.
  3. The nature and duration of the professional relationship.
  4. The lawyer's professional experience and reputation. 

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