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Chapter 13: Safety of Radiation Generators and Radioactive Sources

Section 87: General Design Requirements

244. The authorized person shall ensure that radiation sources authorized for their activities or/and at their facilities are:

(a) Supplied based on a well-designed, well manufactured and well-constructed radiation generator or radioactive source and device in which the radiation generator or radioactive source is used that:

(i) Provides for protection and safety in accordance with the requirements of this regulation;

(ii) Meets engineering, performance and functional specifications;

(iii) Meets quality standards commensurate with the significance for protection and safety of systems and components, including software;

(iv) Provides clear displays, gauges and instructions on operating consoles in the ap-propriate language understandable to users.

(b) Tested to demonstrate compliance with the relevant specifications.

(c) Provided with information in the appropriate language understandable to users, on the proper installation and use of the radiation source and on its associated radiation risks, including performance specifications, instructions for operating and maintenance, and in-structions for protection and safety.

(d) Ensured that the protection provided by shielding and by other protective devices is op-timized.

245. The authorized person shall ensure that supplied radioactive source and a radiation appliance containing a radioactive source including the source itself is marked as “Radioactive", where tech-nically possible, and the radiation appliance is equipped with the symbol indicating radiation haz-ard in accordance with the national requirements.

246. The authorized person shall ensure that the authorized sealed sources are identifiable and trace-able.

Section 88: The commitment of a Supplier for Accepting the Return of a Disused Sealed Source

247. Prior to the acquisition of radioactive sources, the authorized person shall arrange for and re-quire a written commitment of the supplier for the return of the source once it becomes disused. The commitment of the supplier shall specify:

(a) The assurance to take the disused source within a specified time period;

(b) The arrangements for transport and associated conditioning of the disused source in connection with its return, including the provision of a transport package certified in ac-cordance with transport regulations and the maintenance of the source special form cer-tificate as applicable; 

(c) The initial estimation and allocation of the costs of return between the authorized person  and the supplier. This estimation and allocation of the costs shall be revised every five (5) years or as determined by the NRRC.

Section 89: Requirements for the Management of Radiation Generators and Radioactive Sources 

248. Where applicable, the authorized person shall make suitable arrangements for the purposes of:

(a) Obtaining information on conditions of use and operating experience that may be im-portant for protection and safety;

(b) Providing feedback and information that may have implications for protection and safety for other users, or that may have implications for the possibility for improvements in pro-tection and safety for radiation generators and radioactive sources.

249. When implementing requirements in this regulation and other relevant regulations for sealed sources, the authorized person shall categorize its sources as set out in Appendix 1.

250. The authorized person shall ensure that when radioactive sources are not in use they are stored appropriately for protection and safety. 

251. The authorized person shall review their radioactive source inventory at least every six (6) months or as determined by the NRRC to identify any sources that have become disused. 

252. The authorized person shall ensure that when a radioactive source is declared disused, arrange-ments are made to ensure that within a period of two (2) years or as determined by the NRRC af-ter this declaration, the source is transferred upon approval from the NRRC to the manufacturer, supplier, another authorized person or authorized waste management facility. 

253. The authorized person shall ensure that the inventory of radiation generators or radioactive sources is checked periodically to confirm that they are in their assigned locations and are re-mained under control.

254. The applicant for an authorization for practices that involve the use of radioactive sources shall demonstrate that adequate provision has been made for the safe management of concerned sources when they become disused sources, including the case where the authorized person be-comes insolvent or ceases its activities.

Section 90: Locations to Use or Storage of Radiation Sources

255. The authorized person shall ensure the safety and security of the place of use and storage of a radiation source. For the purpose of ensuring security of radioactive material, the authorized per-son shall ensure compliance with the relevant security requirements prescribed by the NRRC.

256. When choosing a location to use or to store a radiation generator or radioactive source, the au-thorized person shall take into account: 

(a) Factors that could affect the safe management of and control over the radiation genera-tor or radioactive source including the relevant security requirement; 

(b) Factors that could affect occupational exposure and public exposure due to the radiation generator or radioactive source; 

(c) The feasibility of taking the foregoing factors into account in engineering design. 

257. In selecting a site for a facility that will contain a large amount of radioactive substances and that will have the potential for the release of significant amounts of radioactive substances, the au-thorized person shall take into account:

(a) Features that might affect protection, safety and security;

(b) Features that might affect the integrity or functioning of the facility;

(c) The feasibility of carrying out off-site protective actions if they become necessary.

Section 91: Record-keeping

258. The authorized person shall maintain an inventory of radiation sources that include records with the following information:

(a) The location and description of each radiation source for which they are responsible;

(b) The activity (A) and form of each radioactive source for which they are responsible.

259. The content of source records implemented by the authorized person for each type of radiation source shall comply with the relevant requirements established by the NRRC.

Section 92: Reporting to the NRRC

260. The authorized person shall implement necessary arrangements to ensure compliance with the instructions issued by the NRRC aiming to keep updated the national database on radiation sources.

261. The authorized person shall promptly notify the NRRC of pertinent information regarding a radia-tion generator or radioactive source that is lost, missing, theft, unauthorized used, or not under control. 


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