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Chapter 7: Verification of Safety

Section 35: Safety Assessment

99. The authorized person shall carry out, and if pertinent review, a safety assessment for the activity or facility under its responsibility, following the requirements prescribed by the NRRC.

100. The safety assessment shall be consistent with the magnitude of the possible radiation risks aris-ing from the activity or facility, and is conducted, at different stages throughout the lifetime of the facility, so as:

(a) To identify how exposures could be incurred, account being taken of the effects of exter-nal events as well as of events directly involving the sources and associated equipment;

(b) To determine the expected magnitudes and likelihood of exposures in normal operation and, to the extent reasonable and practicable, make an assessment of potential expo-sures;

(c) To assess the adequacy of the provisions for protection and safety.

101. The authorized person shall ensure that the safety assessment, and its reviews are:

(a) Documented and made available to NRRC.

(b) Reviewed under the relevant management system.

(c) Independently reviewed by a qualified expert or technical support organization, if so re-quired by the NRRC.

102. If, as a result of a safety assessment, or for any other reason, opportunities to improve protection and safety appear to be available and improvement seem desirable, any significant modifications shall be made cautiously and only after favorable assessment of all the implications for protection and safety having approval from the NRRC. The implementation of all improvements shall be pri-oritized so as to optimize protection and safety.

Section 36: Monitoring, Testing and Verification of Compliance

103. The authorized person shall establish and perform a monitoring and measurement program commensurate with the risks associated with the activity or facility in order to verify compliance with the requirements for protection and safety.

104. As part of the monitoring and measurement program, the authorized person shall ensure that:

(a) Suitable equipment is provided and procedures for verification are implemented;

(b) Equipment is properly maintained, tested and calibrated at appropriate intervals with reference to standards traceable to national or international standards;

(c) Records are maintained of the results of monitoring and verification of compliance, in-cluding records of the tests and calibrations carried out in accordance with this regulation ;

(d) The results of monitoring and verification of compliance are submitted to the NRRC.

105. The monitoring and measurement programs either as part of granting the authorization for prac-tice or separately shall be submitted for approval to the NRRC.


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