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ProjTitle.icon Chapter 8: Approvals

Section 16: General Requirement for Approval Application 

54. Any person intending to conduct the following activities related to transport of radioactive mate-rial shall request the approval from the NRRC:

(a) Approval of special-form radioactive material. 

(b) Approval of low dispersible radioactive material.  

(c) Approval of material excepted from fissile classification.

(d) Approval of package designs.

(e) Approval of alternative activity limits for an exempt consignment of instruments or arti-cles.

(f) Approval of Shipments under special arrangement. 

55. When applying for an approval associated to transport of radioactive material, nuclear material and ore containing uranium and thorium, the applicant shall submit to the NRRC the information and supporting documents which are defined in the transport regulation prescribed by the NRRC.

56. The NRRC may prescribe any other authorization through approval for activities and facilities oth-er than those associated prescribed in Article 55, subject to assessment of safety, security and safeguard prescribed by the NRRC.

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