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​Chapter 4: Pre-operational Phase for Facilities

Section 9: Licensing during Pre-operational Phase 

34. Any person intending to conduct the following activities during the pre-operational phase shall apply for a specific license for site preparation, construction, testing or commissioning of the as-sociated facility:

(a) Activity and facility related to nuclear material other than for nuclear installation;

(b) X-ray generators and particle or ion accelerators within specification as prescribed by the NRRC;

(c) Use of radioactive sources category 1 and category 2 as defined in the Regulation on Ra-diation Safety (NRRC-R-01);

(d) Radionuclides production using particle accelerators and accelerators using energy sources within the specification as prescribed by the NRRC;

(e) Where the implemented practices are novel, complex, or associated with increased risks in terms of radiological safety for the population or the environment;

(f) Operating more than one facility and/or executing more than one activity in the same site, with each of them being likely to impact the level of radiation safety or security of the others;

(g) Any other facilities not listed in Article 34 (a) to (f) taking into consideration of safety and security aspects as deemed necessary.

35. When applying for a license during the pre-operational phase of a facility, the applicant shall en-sure submission as specified by the NRRC for that respective phase.

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