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Chapter 1: Objectives, Scope and Definitions

Section 1: Objectives

1. This regulation prescribes the general requirements for notification on and authorization of activi-ties, facilities and practices with radiation source, nuclear material and/or ore containing uranium and thorium in the Kingdom.

Section 2: Scope

2. This regulation applies to notification on or authorization of any:

(a) Activity or practice with radiation source, nuclear material and/or ore containing uranium and thorium.

(b) Facility in the Kingdom, with activity or practice in Article 2(a) above, regardless of wheth-er they are fully or partly owned or controlled by a person from another country or by a foreign corporation,

(c) Provision of services to external facility that require the presence of employees in con-trolled or supervised areas.

3. This regulation does not apply to:

(a) Activities, practices, or facilities, with radiation source that are viewed as exempt except nuclear material for safeguards purposes.

(b) Authorization related to nuclear fuel cycle activity for nuclear installation facility.

(c) Authorization of activity and facility for nuclear related items.

Section 3: Definitions


Any person applying to the NRRC for authorization to undertake specified activities.  Strictly, an applicant would be such from the time at which an application is submitted until the requested authorization is either granted or refused.


A written permission granting by the NRRC under this regulation and/or the relevant Commission Laws. 

Authorized person

Person granted authorization under this regulation and/or the relevant Commission Laws.

Nuclear fuel cycle 

All operations associated with the production of nuclear energy.

Nuclear intallation

Any nuclear facility subject to authorization that is part of the nuclear fuel cycle, except facilities for the mining or processing of uranium ores or thorium ores and disposal facilities for radioactive waste.

Nuclear Material

Plutonium, Uranium-233, or enriched Uranium in either of the two isotopes (Uranium-233 or Uranium-235), Uranium containing an admixture of its naturally occurring isotopes, but which is not ore or ore residue, or any other material the Commission classifies as nuclear material. For purposes of the application of nuclear safeguards, nuclear materials shall mean any source material or fissionable material as defined in the relevant the Kingdom signed Safeguards Agreement.

Nuclear-Related Item

Any nuclear or radiological-related substance, commodity, technology, software or data, as well as nuclear and non-nuclear dual-use materials and components that are subject, when used, to specific restrictions, as they are susceptible to be misused.

Ore (mineral)

A mineral or chemical aggregate containing uranium in a quantity and of a quality that makes mining and extracting the uranium and thorium  economically viable.

Radioactive Material

Any material from which ionizing radiation is emitted, whether spontaneously or within other equipment, and which is designated as subject to the control of the Commission, including naturally occurring radioactive material.


The process of submitting any document related to notification on and authorization of facilities, activities and practices through a mechanism specified by NRRC.​

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