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ProjTitle.icon Section 3

Alpha particle
Two neutrons and two protons bound as a single particle that is emitted from the nucleus of certain radioactive isotopes in the process of decay.

Exposure Due to Radon

The time integral over the activity concentration of radon for a defined period. Exposure due to radon is a measurand related to the potential alpha energy exposure with the equilibrium factor taken into account and is, therefore, related to the effective dose. 

Integrating device

A device that measures a single average concentration value over a period. Also called a time integrating device.

Mitigation or remediation

These terms are interchangeable and refer to steps taken in an existing building to reduce radon entry.

Optimization (of protection and safety)

The process of determining what level of protection and safety would result in the magnitude of individual doses, the number of individuals (workers and members of the public) subject to exposure and the likelihood of exposure being as low as reasonably achievable, economic, and social factors being considered (ALARA).


A colorless, odorless, naturally occurring, radioactive, inert, gaseous element formed by radioactive decay of radium (Ra) atoms. For the purposes of this specific regulation, radon refers to 220Rn and 222Rn. 

Reference level

For the emergency exposure situation or an existing exposure situation, the level of risk or activity concentration above which it is not appropriate to plan to allow exposures to occur and below which optimization of protection and safety would continue to be implemented.


A self-contained substantial unit of accommodation, such as a house, apartment, building, or part of a building.


A place, such as an office or factory..etc., where people are employed.​

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