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ProjTitle.icon Section 3


1. A measure of the energy deposited by radiation in a target.
2. Absorbed dose, committed equivalent dose, committed effective dose, effective dose, equivalent dose or organ dose indicated by the context.

Dose constraint

A prospective and radiation source related value of individual dose that is used in planned exposure situations as a parameter for the optimization of protection and safety for the source, and that serves as a boundary in defining the range of options in optimization.

Collective dose

The total radiation dose incurred by a population. This is the sum of all of the individual doses to members of the population. If the doses continue for longer than a year, then the annual individual doses must also be integrated over time.

Member of the public

For purposes of protection and safety, in a general sense, any individual in the population except when subject to occupational exposure or medical exposure. For the purpose of verifying compliance with the annual dose limit for public exposure, this is the representative person.


The holding of radioactive sources, radioactive material, spent fuel or radioactive waste in a facility that provides for their/its containment, with the intention of retrieval.

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